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Fabulous Friday French!

8th Apr 2018

vendredi 16 mars 2018

In today’s French lesson, firstly, we did the French register and then we all did an activity on guessing the verb with clues to help us.  We also made up our own questions for others to guess.  

Next, we carried on learning about the history of France.  We have started at prehistoric times and we are going all the way to the present day.  Today, we began with revision and then carried on with the Vikings. We learnt that the kingdom of France was attacked by the Vikings from the north (the Normans) and that they sailed in boats called ‘drakkars’.  They also pillaged villages and stole villagers’ belongings.  Next on the timeline is ‘Les Chevaliers’ (the knights) who we will learn about next week.  

Thirdly, we said the French dates for today, tomorrow and yesterday (aujourd’hui, demain et hier).

After that, we did Je me presente which was where we presented information about ourselves by answering questions. What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? When is your birthday? Do you have a sibling? Do you have a pet?  We then wrote a letter introducing ourselves to a French pupil.  We looked at examples to help us with what we needed to write. Hopefully, we will soon each have a French pen pal!

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vendredi 16 mars 2018

Today we started our French lesson by continuing looking at the history of France.  Previously, we have studied up to the Vikings (‘Les Vikings’).  The Vikings came from the north and travelled to France in longboats (narrow, flat-bottomed boats) that were known as ‘drakkars’.  Next week we will be learning about the knights (‘Les Chevaliers’).  

We then said the date in French for yesterday, tomorrow and today.  

Next, we practised introducing ourselves in French.  Some people introduced themselves to the whole class. They all did very well.  We then began writing our first draft of a letter that we will be sending to pupils in our partner schools in France.  I love French lessons because we learn a lot and it is really fun! 

Au revoir!

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vendredi 16 mars 2018                                                  

In today’s French lesson we started by answering the register in French.  We then completed an activity whereby we had to guess the verb in French and say how to spell it in French. 

After that, we revised what we had learnt in the previous lessons about the history of France.  We then looked at ‘Les Vikings’ (the Vikings).  The Vikings sailed down the rivers in to France and stole the villagers’ riches along the way.  As they were so hard to stop, the Vikings settled in the North of the country – in Normandy. 

We continued by saying the date in French for today, yesterday and tomorrow. 

Next, we introduced ourselves by answering various questions, for example, about where we live, our name, our likes and dislikes and if we have any pets.  Then we had a go at writing our own letters.  We are going to finish them next week and then they will be sent to our partner schools in France.                  

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Today we began our lesson with revising the story of the history of France that we have looked at so far.  Last week, we met ‘Charlemagne’ - the wisest and most powerful of the frank kings.  After his reign, came ‘les Vikings’ (the Vikings) whom we are learning about today.  The Vikings attacked the kingdom of France from the North and are also known as ‘Les Normands’.  And after them?  ‘Les Chevaliers’ who we will look at in next week’s French History lesson. 

After that we shared the French dates across the class.

We then spoke about where we live, how old we are, our birthday, how many brothers and/or sisters we have and if we have any pets - all in French.  We are now writing our first draft of our letter that will eventually be sent to children in our partner schools in France.

Au revoir!

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