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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme

Holiday Requests From Parents and Families are on the increase , Please follow our Procedures to avoid the possibility of a fine.

27th May 2022

Since returning to opening fully after COVID School has received an increasingly number of requests for holidays during term times. The irony is that during the COVID crisis a large number of parents were desperate to get their children into school and now , more recently , a large number of parents are trying to take their children out of school during term time !
School has clearly stated it’s approach on the reverse of the holiday application form which all parents should read and digest carefully. School will treat every application on a case by case basis but we will do everything we can to ensure that our attendance percentage does not drop below 96% . School will consider issuing fixed term fines and penalties where current attendance is below 96% and a holiday is taken during term regardless if that holiday has been formally requested or not.