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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme


All school meals must be ordered via your child’s ‘Evolve’ Account.

By Sunday of every week you must make sure that you have logged on to your ‘Evolve’ account to order all your child's meals for the following week. The system should also allow you to make weekly, half termly or termly bookings so long as the menus are on the system. If you miss the cut off point, you will not be able to order meals and the default meal of jacket potato and beans will be prepared for your child. Make sure that you are on the account for the child you are wishing to make orders for. If you do not see any menus it is likely to be the case that you are on your account and not your child’s. You will only be able to see menus if your child is on our system as a ‘diner’ or ‘ad hoc’ diner. If you have informed us that your child is on packed lunches they will be on our system as a ‘non diner’ which means you will be unable to see menus.

Select the week that you want to order meals for. Allow the page to refresh. Then click on the 'quick' button. This will produce meals for the whole week.

Make sure you select a main and a pudding for each day. Then click add to basket when you have selected meals for the whole week. This will add all meals to the basket for that week. You can still order meals one by one if you wish but this is a quicker way to order if you are ordering for the whole week.

If you are ordering more than one weeks meals or ordering for the half term or term, you can then just select the next week you want to order for and repeat the process.

Once you have ordered all meals that you would like and added them all to the basket, do not forget to then head to the basket by clicking on it and then scroll down and process the basket. If you do not process the basket the meal orders will not go through. To process the basket, you scroll down to the bottom of all your orders and click process basket. If you pay for school meals (applicable to years 3 to 6 unless you are entitled to free school meals), then payment is required at the point of order / process. It is a pay as you go system. If you do not pay, the order will not go through. After you have clicked process basket, wait for the page to refresh, then click on the home button. Your basket should now say ‘0’ as all orders will have been processed.

We request that if your child is not having a school meal (which you have previously ordered) on a particular day either because they are ill or have an appointment, that you make sure you cancel any meals via your ‘Evolve’ account for the day in question by no later than 9.30am and send a message to the school office confirming cancellation of the meal.

If you are having any issues, please just contact the school office who will help as much as possible. When we are closed for the school holidays please contact evolve via email

If you think you may be entitled to free school meals then please head to the following link and complete the application accordingly;