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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme


Parent Questionnaire 2023


'Proud to send my son here.'


'Very happy with all aspects of the school...The school has been outstanding in every way. The teachers are all amazing.'  


'Overall, both of my children are very happy at DPS and we have only ever had positive experiences with all members of staff over the years.'


'Throughout my daughter's time at this school, the entire team has been incredible. They all work so hard and do a fantastic job. The support I have received whenever I have had a concern has been exceptional. I couldn't have wished for a better school. Thank you.'


'Thank you for everything the staff do. I am very pleased my child attends this excellent school.'    


'My kids love going to this school. The teachers are great and they are very happy here. I am so pleased about how the school is so inclusive and teaches positive values.'  


'Amazing school, brilliant teachers, and  my son has never not wanted to go to school.'      


 'I think my kids are thriving at Davyhulme Primary, and I appreciate how kind and caring all the teachers and TAs are, so a big thank you!    


'I appreciate the additional opportunities offered such as School Council, First Aid, Sports Clubs and Chess.'


'Outdoor activity has been encouraged, and the school seems to consider the importance of physical activity as well as the core subjects.'    


'We are happy with the school and how our child is being supported. We feel the teaching standard is high.'      


'I think the school is well staffed, organised, consistent, has a great curriculum and behaviour management system and good home school communication.'    


  'My child is happy at the school and has a good relationship with her classmates. The teachers are brilliant. On the rare occasions I need to talk to them, I feel they are engaged, professional and helpful.'      


'Overall I have been very happy with the school, staff and the support they have provided since we first attended in 2016. I feel that Mr. McDowell and his staff care deeply for the children in their care and the opportunities the school provides to them on a daily basis is easy to see.'      


'There is a wonderful atmosphere in the school when you walk round. It is so lovely to see pupils so well behaved and polite. I am very impressed with how pupils of all ages hold doors open for any adults (staff and visitors). I think the happy lunch time is brilliant. Attitudes and behaviour at lunch is brilliant and that is rare in schools. The culture is spot on. Thank you everyone for all your hard work, care and support.'    


'We are very happy with how the school is operated and ran, and our child loves school.'    


'Your support has not only opened doors to exceptional educational opportunities, but has also instilled a renewed sense of confidence and determination in our son.' (Y6 parent)


'We are sincerely grateful for your belief in our son's abilities, and for going above and beyond to ensure his success.' (Y6 parent)    


'We would like to extend our gratitude to the dedicated teachers and staff at Davyhulme Primary School who have contributed to our son's academic and personal growth. Your commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment has laid a strong foundation for his future endeavours.' (Y6 parent)