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Head Teacher Learning Challenges - These are all optional only if you want to...

24th Mar 2020

These are extraordinary times - Start your own diary either written or electronic like a ' Captain's Log ' -you never know it could make you famous . Well known diarists :

Anne Frank  - She too was confined to her house for long periods during very difficult times.

Samuel Pepys - What was the big event Samuel recorded in his diary

Lewis Carroll   - What famous books did he write ?

Insert Your Name ..........................??????????????????????



Leisure - By W. H. Davies

Daffodils - by William Wordsworth

Once you have learned the poem then if you want you can rehearse a recital ready to perform for everyone once we all come back to school. In the meantime you could record and post your efforts on Seesaw - If we have enough interest we could have a poetry festival again once we come back to school. Poetry is a brilliant way to express yourself ...and you do not always have to write a lot...