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Davyhulme Primary School, Davyhulme

β€˜ Our Bee 🐝 in the City’ Design is Finally Revealed.

15th Jun 2018

After a lot of hardwork and dedication of time, our school community (led by Mrs Sanderson ) were finally able to transform our artistic and creative ideas into reality when the finished sculpture was shared with the whole school over two special assemblies on Thursday of this week.

Mr McDowell explained that the working group were able to take inspiration from all the different designs completed by each and everyone of the children .Every child put their mark on the finished piece by either using an imprint of their thumb or index finger to create the flower petals at the base of the sculpture. Other children helped to paint much of our 🐝.

Our 🐝 incorporates the best ideas from our children as well as our mission statement and values , adorned with inspirational quotations from significant historical figures over the years.

Mr McDowell and Mrs Sanderson carefully loaded the 🐝 into a car and delivered it to the central ‘ Hive of Activity ‘ in Manchester together with all the other 🐝 s from businesses and other organisations who are participating in this brilliant project - soon to be launched for the summer. 

The project is linked to many initiatives including the ‘Bee a Reader ‘ Challenge  ( please see leaflet )as well as following the bee trail which will cover most of the city and surrounding area.