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NSPCC Connecting The Dots...

19th Jan 2023

Coming together to help protect children is about all of us connecting the DOTS.

Sometimes a single moment won’t mean much, but by connecting small moments together in our own situations, we can learn when something’s not quite right. And as a society, we can connect the dots to make sure children and families get the right support. 

To make it easy to remember, we’ll be learning how to connect the DOTS.




Don't ignore it

Listen to your instincts.
It might be nothing, but it could be something. And it could be the one thing that keeps a child safe.


Observe the situation

Take notice. What’s been seen or heard? Write it down if that helps you remember.


Think: if not you, then who?

It's normal to worry about getting involved, or getting it wrong. But what if nobody else has noticed? We can all play a part to help keep children safe.


Speak up

Share concerns with someone who can help – this could be a safeguarding professional like a teacher. Or contact the NSPCC Helpline with any worry, big or small.




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