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Fabulous Friday French!

22nd Jan 2018

vendredi 15 decembre 2017

Today we began our French lesson doing an activity on the board.  We had to write certain English numbers on our tableaux blancs (whiteboards) in French.  After finishing our activity, we looked at our learning challenges for the lesson.  Next, Madame Underwood chose students to go over the dates in French.  We wished Cody a bon anniversaire et un bon weekend!

The partners from last week then asked each other quatre questions:

Bonjour.  Comment ca va? (how are you?); comment t’appelles-tu? (what is your name?); quel age as-tu? (how old are you?) and quelle est la date de ton mon anniversaire? (what is the date of your birthday?).  Everyone then counted in French

in 5s from 50 up to 100 - Lara demonstrated this with Joe and the other Joe with Charlie.  After finishing our counting we read our French storybook ‘Super Bouquin!’ (Super Book!) which is about three pigs who are brothers and one of them wants to be a super pig like the pig in the book he is reading: When le loup (the wolf) comes they try to run away until they come to a cliff…The smallest pig, who is still reading his book, decides to use an umbrella as a parachute - just like in his book.  Suddenly, the umbrella snaps and they all fall.  The wolf grabs one of the pigs, the little pig, who threw his book at the wolf that fell unconscious on the ground.

We then read our French reading book ‘le livre methode de lecture syllabique’.  We were learning how to pronounce words containing the letter ‘b’ correctly as in the word biche (deer).  We finished our lesson looking at the preposition a (to).  Today was a good lesson - it was fun!

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vendredi 15 decembre 2017      

We started the lesson with some children reading aloud our learning challenges and which skills we would be developing.  Next, we said the date for today, yesterday and tomorrow in French - we use demain ce sera for tomorrow it will be and hier c’etait for yesterday it was.  Then  we sang happy birthday to anyone whose birthday it was (in this case it was Haris’ on the 29th of December and he had to say it in French).  

After that we were recording people counting (in 5s) from 50 to 100 in French.  The children being recorded were  myself and Lara followed by Emma and Jasmyn.  We are currently studying a French reading book ‘Methode de lecture syllabique’.  The letter we were working on was ‘b’ (beh) and the yellow (jaune) section is different syllables beginning with that letter. There is also a grey (grise) section which contains some of the different sounds that we have been learning about. Back to recording - Haris and Isabelle asked each other what their name was, how they were feeling, when their birthday was and how old they were.  Luka and Kady are going to do this after the holidays.  We then looked at prepositions in French using countries and animals.  The verb we used was va from aller and the preposition was a.  

Finally, we held up our traffic light cards to show how well we had done.  The colours are green, yellow or red.  Green is for when we are feeling confident, yellow is for when we are feeling O.K. but would like more practice and red is for when we are not confident.  Since it’s nearly Christmas, at the end of the lesson we wished each other ‘JOYEUX NOEL!’ (Merry Christmas)

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vendredi 15 decembre 2017

At the start of the lesson we had an activity ready on the board. Today’s activity was where we had English numbers and we had to write them down in French on our whiteboards! Some of the pupils then chose their own numbers (choisissez un nombre!)  Then, we were going over the date for today, for yesterday and for tomorrow in French.  We all wished Cody a happy birthday for today.  

Next, We listened to Peter and Lucy having a conversation: 1. comment t’appelles-tu? (what is your name?) 2. comment ca va? (how are you?) 3. quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? (when is your birthday?) 4. quel age as-tu? ( how old are you?).  Everyone then counted in 5s in French from cinquante (50) to cent (100).  Lara and Joseph and Charlie and Joe were trying to do it together on their own without any help!  After practising our conversational skills and listening to some good speaking in French we listened to a story ‘Super Bouquin’ (Super Book) about three little pigs and one of them wants to be a superpig!  

In this lesson we were also looking at la lettre ‘b’ as in biche (deer).  In our French reading books we have different sections - yellow, orange and a grey revision section on sounds that we have studied previously.  This lesson was a fun lesson on learning the French language!

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vendredi 15 decembre 2017

At the start of the lesson we spoke about the chateau at Chenonceau.  Then we looked at our learning challenges that included: can I read aloud words and syllables containing the digraph ‘oi’  as in poison, la lettre ‘b’ as in biche and la lettre ‘e’ as in ‘lunette’.  Next, we said our dates for today, tomorrow and yesterday: aujourd’hui c’est... demain ce hier c’etait.  We sang bon anniversaire to Haris!

After that Kristian and Lara practised counting in 5s (cinq) from 60 to 100.  They did very well and Madame Underwood recorded them.  Emma and Jasmyn practised and were recorded as well - they also did very well.  Following that we looked at our French reading book ‘Methode de lecture syllabique’ reading all the sections: jaune, orange and gris, that is yellow, orange and grey in English.

Isabelle and Haris and Kady and Luka had a little conversation in French after that and they were amazing!  Their sentences were: what’s your name? how old are you?, what is the date of your birthday? and how are you feeling? Comment t’appelles-tu?  Quel age as-tu?  Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?  Comment ca va?

Finally, we practised the preposition ‘a’ (to) using the verb ‘va’ (go).  We rhymed the animals with the towns and it was really tough!  We then returned to our learning challenges and held up our colour card to show whether we thought we had achieved it.  French lessons are always fun!

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