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Safer Internet Day 20201

9th Feb 2021

Today, Tuesday, 9 February 2021, we celebrate the 18th edition of Safer Internet Day with actions taking place right across the globe. With a theme once again of "Together for a better internet", this day calls upon all stakeholders to join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially for children and young people.


Social media: as ever we are reaching out to organisations across the UK to support our social campaign, to share what they are doing and show their support for the Day, as well as using our own channels to drive up engagement and to disseminate our films and key messages. We have produced a social media guide with click-to-tweet content to make it easy for supporters to schedule their communications in advance, and we will communicate our research findings, what supporters are doing, and more activity on the day. We are working with social media companies to support the campaign on their platforms, particularly around engaging and fun ways to encourage young people to show their support for the day, disseminating our films and content, promoting the opportunity to register as a supporter and more.   Events: we are holding a live-streamed event for policy makers and decision-makers on 9 February, in partnership with BT (telecommunications company) hosted by a high-profile presenter, and featuring young people both on a discussion panel and discussing their views on aspects of trust and reliability online, and the strategies they use to navigate an online world in which not everything is always as it seems. The event will also welcome speakers and input from government, industry and the UK Safer Internet Centre. We will hold a separate event with parliamentarians.   Supporters and stakeholders: the success of the campaign absolutely relies on the fantastic support from 100s of organisations across the UK. We have run five meetings to bring together supporters and stakeholders from internet industry, government, charities, police and wider to inform them about Safer Internet Day, provide opportunities for them to share their plans and give them the tools and inspiration they need to get involved. 

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Government recognises Safer Internet Day as the most significant campaigning initiative supporting a safer internet for young people and looks to industry as well as civil society to own and find solutions for elements of the Digital Charter, from data ethics to limiting the spread of disinformation and improving cyber security. Safer Internet Day has a crucial role to play in raising public awareness of, and showcasing support for, creating a more positive experience for and by young people across the UK.   In the United Kingdom, the UK Safer Internet Centre (SIC) will mark Safer Internet Day by mobilising people across the country to get "Together for a better internet" and explore how they manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.